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Moving Home Tips

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Summer is the busiest time of year for moving and relocating to a new home. In fact, it’s the busiest time of year for those in the housing and relocation industries. Those with children typically choose the summer months to move when relocating to a new school district to allow for less interruption of school activities. Even if that isn’t an issue for you, the spring and summer months are when the housing market lists many new homes for sale. The warmer months make it so much easier for you to prepare for your big move, too. If you are planning for a summer move into your dream home, spring is the perfect time to start preparing.

First Things First

If you know you want to move during the summer, the first thing you want to do is contact your real estate agent and be prepared with your list of questions you want to ask. Your real estate agent is a continued resource who will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Depending on where you are with your home buying process, there are certain tasks on your to-do list that you should check off immediately. If you have not already done so, talk to your real estate agent about getting a pre-approval in place for your home loan. Your agent will also need to start the customized search for your dream home in your preferred location. If you need to list your current home while buying your dream home simultaneously, your real estate agent can also provide solutions to assist you with that.

How to Start Preparing

Spring is a great time to declutter and deep clean your home as part of your spring cleaning routine. Let this spring be the year you downsize the belongings that you don’t need, so you don’t have to pack and move them to your new home. The preparation process of getting ready to move should start at least 6-8 weeks prior to moving day. You can start the process even while house-hunting, as you never know when you will find your dream home. As you are cleaning now, you can even start packing things that you won’t need for the next few months, like your winter clothing, decorations, knick-knacks, and seasonal items.

The earlier you start the moving process, the better. It allows you to go at your own pace and not feel stressed or rushed. Make a moving checklist so you can set goals to complete each item in time. It’s also smart to create a moving budget. If you are relocating for a job, your company may offer assistance with moving expenses so it’s best to get the details now so you will know of any expenses you will be required to supply. Get quotes from moving companies, book your rental truck at least a month before your moving date. Booking your moving company further ahead of time is best since summer months are their busiest season. If you are not using a moving company or rental truck and plan to do all of the packing and hauling yourself, enlist some friends and family to help and give them plenty of notice. You will still need to purchase some moving supplies or pay for a storage unit.

How to Plan Your Dream Home Move

Since summer moves are the busiest time of year for the housing and moving industries, plan on moving during the middle of the month, if possible. People who rent and have a lease usually have to move out at the end of the month, and move into their new home at the beginning of the month. Weekends are also a popular moving time, so try to set your moving date in the middle of the week, if possible.

Once your moving date is set, you can begin to notify utility companies of when you want to turn off their services. You can also notify utility companies of when you will need their services in your new home. Notify your postal service when it’s time to forward your mail. If you have children, you will want to look into when it’s time to enroll them in their new school, if needed.

Be sure to finish your packing so everything is ready to go on moving day. Have a garage sale, yard sale, or moving sale prior to moving day so you can unload all of the things you don’t want to keep. Donate items to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army, or other donation center.

Moving Day Tips

Finally it’s time for moving day! Remember to have snacks and plenty of water and cold beverages on hand to stay hydrated and fueled for all of the work you and your helpers will be doing. Have your air conditioner turned on in your new home so that the house will be cool and comfortable when you move in. Make sure the refrigerator and freezer in your new home work properly so you can move your food in right away. If you are moving any food, have ice and coolers on hand to keep food from spoiling.

Know what items are heat-sensitive and should not go on the moving truck. Some electronics are heat-sensitive, as well as some types of furniture. Items like candles and makeup may melt in the heat inside of a moving truck, so pack them in the car with you.

Contact your real estate agent now to get started on your summer move!

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